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We’re here to help millions protect their families with access to simple, affordable life insurance.

And we’re well on our way.

We saw a problem with the life insurance industry. And a way to fix it.

The traditional process could take weeks to complete—and that’s just the application. It could involve confusing paperwork and long phone calls with agents. At the end of the day, it wasn’t as people-friendly as it could be.

We set out to change that.

Over80 has redesigned the application process from start to finish, to make sure you always come first. How? By offering flexible coverage options, eliminating unnecessary hassles, giving you access to valuable online tools, and having a team of licensed agents ready to help you through it all.

We’re here to put you first.

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Our origins

Our founders started Over80 with the goal of making life insurance affordable, accessible, and straightforward. The inspiration for the Company stemmed from a negative experience with traditional life insurance. While he was in college, he was upsold on an expensive life insurance policy he didn’t need and couldn’t afford. The pair eventually realized that his experience wasn’t unique. Many Americans don’t know enough about life insurance, or have the right coverage for their families.

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Industry-leading partners

Over80Life partners with some of the most respected and highly-rated insurance carriers in the world. These insurance giants have paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in life insurance claims for over a hundred years.

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